WELCOME to the ABOUT page of a new blog, the precocious younger sibling of the comfortingly similarly-named ROLLINGHARBOUR.COM

The main site is about the island of Abaco, Bahamas – wildlife, things to do, places to go and a miscellany of facts, recipes, maps, shark attacks and hurricanes. It is itself an adjunct to the website of the DELPHI CLUB Rolling Harbour, Abaco, a bonefishing Lodge of pleasing aspect and unsurpassed excellence set above a beautiful 3/4 mile curve of sandy bay*.

This site is image-based, with a minimum of words. There will be wildlife, scenery, weather and various theme-specific photos. There are unlikely to be any people, except in the background – no gurning faces or blurry action shots of family frisbee. It will attempt to avoid looking like your own excellent photo collection on your nice Mac, or duplicating images already on the main blog.

CURATION This blog doesn’t get as much care and attention as I would like to have time to give it. It is being gradually compiled, in particular the themes. I am well behind with those. There it is – I don’t actively promote this site with an aggressive policy of multiple tagging and co-blog liking / commenting. Maybe I should. But if you end up here somehow, welcome, and I hope you enjoy a ramble round it.

©IMAGES The copyright to all images is mine unless otherwise stated. Please don’t use any without checking with me first. Normally I am only too happy to give permission; however in some cases I have already permitted exclusive use elsewhere, so the legal dust-up if you join the party will be… interesting.

UPDATE March 2012 I have made a major move from one theme to another on both this and my main blog. Result: lots of improvements, larger images etc BUT they have to be resized individually… also, havoc played with the formatting. I’ll gradually work through it all, I expect

UPDATE Nov 2012 Another theme update to something less cluttered. Sizing generally OK but nb very hi-res images may look squashed-up in a weird way (distorting mirror?) unless you click on them…

Comments are welcome. Emails, too, to rollingharbour.delphi@gmail.com

*(Ker-ching for the plug)


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