Frog Totnell 2015 9 I was lying on the grass for rustic maintenance reasons when something small and greeny-yellow leapt onto my hand. And off again quickly. A tiny frog, dwarfed by mere pea-gravel, yet perfectly formed. It wasn’t in a hurry so I ran indoors, grabbed a camera, and had a leisurely photo session with it. I assume it’s just a juvenile common or garden frog Croakus vulgaris frequentis, but if anyone knows different I’d be pleased to know. You can see me reflected in the frog’s eye in the header image.Frog Totnell 2015 2Frog Totnell 2015 1Frog Totnell 2015 3

THE FROG HAS PICKED UP A COMPANIONFrog Totnell 2015 5Frog Totnell 2015 6Frog Totnell 2015 8Frog Totnell 2015 7Frog Totnell 2015 10


5 thoughts on “A TINY FROG IN DORSET

    1. No, but I wasn’t actually aiming for a ‘frog-eye selfie’ – I just noticed I was (very indistinctly) in the picture! Any idea if it’s a common or garden frog (juv) or more exotic? I suspect a CGF – there’s a pond at the other end of the lawn…


      1. Look, you know I have enough problems IDing my bees! But I think it looks like a common frog, Rana temporaria, and it is a really neat frog-eye selfie.


  1. Thanks Lucy. I suspected as much. I spent ages watching him – I was amazed how completely formed he was, yet he could have sat on a 50p piece (‘ten shillings in old money’!). RH


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