DRINKER MOTH Euthrix potatoria – Dorset

I’ve recently posted images of a moth I have never previously seen / noticed MAGPIE MOTH. Here’s another one that’s new to me – the endearingly alcohol-suggestive ‘Drinker Moth’. I thought at first it was an Oak Eggar moth, until I checked the ID. In some positions it looks more like a tiny mammal – check out those little feet  (photo 2), and furry tail (photo 7)… I rescued it from inside the house and took it outside. It didn’t much care for being on a sheet of paper and dropped to the ground, where it fluttered round rather feebly. In the end I put it on a flower to avoid inadvertent underfoot tragedy.

Drinker Moth Euthrix potatoria 1 Drinker Moth Euthrix potatoria 2 Drinker Moth Euthrix potatoria 3 Drinker Moth Euthrix potatoria 5 Drinker Moth Euthrix potatoria 6 Drinker Moth Euthrix potatoria 7 Drinker Moth Euthrix potatoria 8 Drinker Moth Euthrix potatoria 9

2 thoughts on “DRINKER MOTH Euthrix potatoria – Dorset

    1. I was quite surprised when it dropped to the ground, and suddenly its concealed antennae popped out! I’ve never really looked at moths before (other than to swat clothes moths). Time to change all that…


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